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Before I go to Sleep By SJ Watson

In a :

“Before I go to Sleep” is the story of Christine, a woman in her late forties who every morning when she awakens finds herself suffering from varying degrees of amnesia. Sometimes she believes that she is a child, whilst other times a girl in her late teens or twenties. One factor remains the same however and that is her lack of any recently formed memories, including any of her husband. It is not until she is secretly contacted by a Doctor Nash, a specialist in her condition that Christine discovers that she has been keeping a journal and that this may be the key to finding out why everything is not as it seems. Is Christine really losing her mind altogether or will her paranoia turn out to be justified?



Number of Pages:


Interesting Fact:

Whilst writing his debut novel, SJ Watson worked as an audiologist in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impaired children, working on his book in the evenings and at weekends.

Been Made into a Film?:

Yes although the film adaption got mediocre reviews for the most part. Here’s the link to the trailer anyhow:

What I like about the book:

About two thirds of the way through I thought I knew exactly what was happening only to later discover that I was totally wrong. That’ll teach me to be so smug!

And Dislike?:

It did take me a while to get into and the fact that Christine has to read her journal every morning I found tedious (don’t ask me why as it wasn’t me who had to read it). In retrospect I guess there were some inconsistencies that if you weren’t caught up in the story-line might annoy you but I found myself more frustrated by Christine’s lack of common sense. For example, if you were locked in a room with a potential attacker on the way, would you sit and read a book, even if said book was going to tell you whether or not he was going to kill you? Thought not.

Final Thoughts:

Overall I enjoyed the book despite its shortcomings, it kept me guessing and was an original idea but I wouldn’t read it again.


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