The next generation of Mr Men

Roger Hargreaves’ army of Mr Men and Little Misses has been delighting children ever since their arrival in 1971 and came about when Hargreave’s son asked him what a tickle looked like. Well, of course Mr Tickle was born and the rest was history but I got to thinking the other day, where did Hargreaves get his inspiration from? Perhaps a logical place might have been  stories that he read himself and so with this in mind, I’ve decided to have a go at inventing a few myself, using characters from famous books to help me along the way. Feel free to have a go yourself, here’s my list, in descending order of my favourites:

10)  Bella from Twilight                             Little Miss Moody

9)    Peter Pan                                                Mr Immature

8)    Grandpa Joe                                           Mr Indolent

(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

7)    Colin (The Secret Garden)                Mr Hypochondriac

6)   Bill Sykes (Oliver Twist)                     Mr Psychotic

5)    Katniss (The Hunger Games)           Little Miss Very Very Unlucky

4)    Piggy (Lord of the Flies)                     Mr Victim

3)   Christian Grey                                         Mr Stalker

(50 Shades of Grey)

2)   Tess of the d’Ubervilles                       Little Miss Naive

1)   Alice in Wonderland                              Little Miss Junkie


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