What is Read Until Your Eyes Bleed?

Ever stood in a bookshop or library, been literally surrounded by books and still been unable to find The One you want to read? Or do you find yourself sticking to same author or genre because you’re just not sure what to go for? Well fear not, you need not stay stuck in that literary rut one minute longer because R.U.Y.E.B is here to make suggestions, nudge you in a new direction or drag you kicking and screaming into a whole new world of stories. Maybe you’ve never tried horror before or perhaps you’ve shied away from Young Adult or maybe your reading list is perfectly eclectic thank you very much and you’re simply looking for something new to read. Whatever your story is, I hope you find something and have a bit of fun along the way.

I will not only be¬†reviewing new releases but plan to plunder history’s rich store of novels to find treasures for us all. ¬† After all, a good read be a good read, whether it be old or new.





P.S If you like my book folding gift above you can try it for yourself, the instructions can be found on Instructables, Book Folding Art.